Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a Writing Blitz!

In an effort to make sure that I am completely and utterly busy for the next year or two, I have decided to write rough drafts of several projects and then finish them slowly over time.  So far, I have two novels, five short stories (with fifteen more in the queue) and am almost done with the rough draft of a play.  These are exciting times, indeed.

See, rough drafts don't take me too long.  I write fast with the understanding that the first draft is just fodder for the finished story.  I then spend a lot of time fixing the story (replotting, sketching scenes, jotting down dialogue) before even attempting a second draft.  Then I hone that piece until it is completed.

This is my first time taking the multi-project approach.

The Pros so far:

1. It gives my mind lots of options to focus on and, so far, has made my imagination more fertile.
2. I don't have a lot of down time.  Normally, I have to take a week or two between drafts to focus and I usually fill the time with reading and/or a bit of light short story work.  Now, I'm always busy.
3. I am not stressing over what comes next.  Both novels I'm working on are the first in a series, as are the short stories, and I have at least two stand alone projects on the backburner.
4. Somehow, this isn't really overwhelming, just invigorating.

The Cons:

1. It's new and I am adjusing to having multiple stories going at once.  This isn't bad, but there are some inevitable growing pains.
2. I fear the moment when I get obsessed with one story and the others fall away, only in the sense that I fear the passion for the other projects might not come back.  This is a mild, "Did I leave the stove on" feeling and not and all out panic attack.

So far, those are the only cons.  I have to say, I'm pretty excited and, if I don't have a meltdown, I think I may prefer to work this way from now on.

Image by j4p4n.  When you type "excited" into Open Clip Art, this is what comes up.


  1. If you can jumble all of that in your head, go for it. I would confuse myself.

  2. Good for you! And it sounds like you're a workaholic (and I mean that in a good way), so double good for you! :) I can usually only work on one story at a time, because I'm afraid that characters for one story might show up in another one (though that might not necessarily be a bad thing).

  3. Interesting approach. Hope you'll keep us abreast of how things develop, I'd be interested to know what problems (if any) you encounter.

    Moody Writing

  4. Wow, I am really impressed that you can do all that at once! I'm really not a multi-tasker. I can literally only focus on one thing at a time i.e if I'm writing then diet, fitness, hygiene, social life and sleep all go out the window! Good luck with completing your WiPs and congratulations on your progress so far.

  5. Yes! The productive bug has gotten you too! I have to say, that's similar to how I feel about it - starting all these projects and fearing - in the back of my mind - that at some point it's all going to fall by the wayside.

    I picked out a couple projects that are more important to me, and gave myself permission to let the others move to the backburner for a while. I always stress when I'm not DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, but I'm trying this new thing where I tell myself, it's okay to not do everything right now.

    So far none of my enthusiasm for my projects have wavered and I don't feel as anxious about getting things done.

    I don't know if I could do so many writing projects at once - you are a maniac! Keep us posting on how it's going! I promise one day I will come to the Big City to see you!

  6. 15 in the queue??? Crazy lady! So many ideas... but it sounds like fun! Good luck!

  7. I've always done multiple projects. It gives each a little time to "cool". It's amazing how many errors and cheesy writing spots I can catch when I'm not still "in" the story.

  8. I had multiple projects going then dropped one when the deadline for one loomed larger than Jabba breathing down my neck. The good news, part of the other project is written - only now I thought of new stuff for it which completely changes it all.

  9. You are awesome. I get stressed with multiple projects but can't seem to get away from it.



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