Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Uzi

For the A-Z Challenge, I'll be posting about my debut novel, Tough Girl.  A very brief synopsis:
Daily life is pretty dreary for eleven year old Reggie.  She's already mastered the art of dumpster diving for scraps of food and being her own parent.  Her mother, dangerously close to a full break with sanity, is of little help.  Reggie has invented a dream world where she and her best friend, Tough Girl, battle aliens for glory.  Life is manageable until new neighbors move in and Reggie's dream world begins to unravel.



Admittedly, Uzi is a minor character but he plays a major role in one of my favorite scenes - a bank robbery thwarted by Tough Girl.  The scene is described in yesterday's post.  Uzi is the calm, level headed leader of the bank robbers.  His job should have been easy, but he never anticipated TG.

Below is a very brief excerpt from the novel.  I don't want to print the whole scene, but I will share just this one little bit:

A gun fired.  The counter beside her burst in to splinters sending shrapnel into a nearby teller.  The shooter stood at the counter at the far end of the bank.  TG shot at him and hit his pelvic bone.  A scream rose out of the pig mask.  She shot again but there were no bullets left.


She dropped to the ground and grabbed the closest thing to her, another customer’s briefcase.

“What the hell is going on?” Uzi asked.  He had a manager clutched by the collar of his shirt.  Three of his men were either bleeding or unconscious and the other two were taking aim at someone on the ground.  He turned to the manager, “Is this one of your security guards?”

TG stood and flung the case at Uzi.  She missed and hit the manager squarely in the jaw.  He fell to the ground, his hands clutching his cheek, blood pouring from his mouth.

“Sorry,” she screamed as she ran.


  1. Uzi is very unusual name--but I like it. Well done with your scene.


  2. Every scene you've shared from this book so far has been really captivating. I look forward to reading more. :)

  3. I agree with Shelley! You do a great job of building suspense! Julie

  4. Uzi is such a cool name for a character!

  5. I love the imagery in this one. It is very arresting!



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