Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday! No One Is Truly Safe

"Shhh. It's okay. I promise. You look scared. Don't be. All will be okay. You can trust me."

The ropes around her wrists told her otherwise. Felicity had just woken up from a very nice dream to find herself tied to her bedposts with nylon rope. The sheets had been tucked tight into the bed, making it nearly impossible for her to move. She tried to scream but duct tape covered her mouth.

"Your problem is, you don't trust anyone."

Felicity had never seen her before. The woman sat just past the edge of her bed. She had pulled in a chair from the dining room. She kept her long gray hair out of her face with a pink plastic headband. Large green eyes peeked out from her red plastic glasses. She slurped when she sipped from her cup of coffee.

Felicity's eyes grew wide. Her vision went blurry with tears.

"No. I guess you are reacting rationally. That's okay. You cry if you have to. I won't hurt you. I won't even reprimand you."

Felicity shook her body, tried to throw off the ropes. The more she struggled, the more the ropes tore into her wrists. The pain was not unbearable, but it made her settle down all the same.

The woman at the end of the bed pulled Felicity's cell phone from her own pocket. She flicked it open and hit a few buttons. She winked at Felicity as she said, "Yes, I'd like to report a break in. Yes. Yes. Actually, I'm the one breaking in. No. I won't give the address, but I'll leave this on so you can come save this young lady. Ta ta."

The woman put the phone down on the bed. She stood, took a long sip of coffee and walked to the head of the bed. She moved a stray piece of hair that had fallen over Felicity's right eye. As she brushed it away, Felicity thought she could smell cinnamon.

"Now. It's okay to hate me. I won't blame you. I'm just leaving the world a message, one of many I'll be leaving. You, my dear, are my first instrument. When the cops arrive," she said and leaned down low, so low Felicity could smell the coffee on her breath, and whispered, "tell them, no one is truly safe." She stood back up and gave Felicity a warm smile. "It's a good message, and one I'll be showing them in better detail later on. Take care dear."

Felicity watched as the woman walked out of the room. A few seconds later she heard the front door close and lock. She screamed as loud as she could, hoping the emergency operator could hear her muffled cries. The screams came out as a muted mess, but Felicity kept screaming over and over again, "Please, save me!"


  1. Oh, man, you love your psychos. At least this one didn't have fangs. :)

    Makes me think this is the first of an installment series. What else is this crazy person going to do?

  2. Psycho? Yes. :) Actually, this is something I think I may want to explore in a longer story.

  3. Wow! Very disturbing. I think this has the makings of the beginning of an awesome novel.

  4. Very edgy and disturbing. I agree with Lisa. I want to see more.

  5. If I was Felicity I wouldn't pass on her message!

  6. I am TOTALLY behind your elongating this story. I like it almost as much as The Event (my all time fave of your flash fiction.)

  7. Thanks guys! I am totally going to make this longer. :)

  8. yeah, elaborate on that story! i'm reminded of the silence of the lambs, actually.

  9. So, how does one manage to do that without waking up the victim?

  10. Wow! That gave me the shivers. Great writing & post. I just found you over at Bards & Prophets...your comment there made me laugh. I think I probably dated that guy too. ;-) Have a great Sunday!

  11. Interesting piece indeed.Enjoyed the site

  12. Thought provoking and haunting. You ended it at just the right spot.



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