Monday, July 4, 2011

Why I May Not Take A Break For A While and Happy Fourth


I've taken two breaks since I started this blog.  The first was because I was going out of town and didn't have time/energy to write my posts ahead of time nor did I think I'd have time to write while on my trip.  That type of break, I am fine with doing.  This break that I just concluded, took place because I wanted to reward myself for finishing the first draft of my novel, Tough Girl, well ahead of schedule.

Let me first say, this is my standard practice.  I like giving myself time off between big projects, I feel it keeps my brain from exploding.  The problem was, I was actually planning to do a lot of writing this past week.  I wanted to get at least three flash fiction pieces done so I could give myself some breathing room.  I was also going to work on a short story and plot out a few future projects.

What really happened was a lot of laundry, cleaning, shopping, working, visiting, reading, work outs and a bit of catching up on movies (though not as many movies as you would expect).  Missing from that list: writing.  The weird thing is, I usually get all that done and I write too.  I have no clue why life got so busy with less to do, but there it is.

So now I'm back, not really rested but at least knowing that I did take a break.  The attempt to let my brain cool down was made.  I cannot keep life from happening.  The reason I think I won't take a break for a while is that during all of that, I felt horribly lazy because there's so much I want to write.  I went to bed every night feeling a touch like a loser.  Boooo!  Oh well, back to writing!

I hope you all have a splendid Holiday (those of you living in a place where there is a holiday today, for the rest of the world, have a great day).  I will be eating crabs and bar-b-que at my brother's place.  There may be beer involved.  I'm sure I'll see some fireworks.  Enjoy the day!


  1. Happy Independence day, stay safe.

  2. Happy 4th to you! And it sounds like you deserve a break -- planned or not. You write an incredible amount and it's well-deserved. Enjoy your crab and beer!

  3. Happy 4th, and welcome back!

  4. Happy 4th!

    I think it's great that your break became a writing break too.

    As wonderful as it is to write, it's sometimes good to get away without writing anything for a while.

    Good luck with getting back into the saddle!


  5. I always take a few weeks off from actual writing when I finish a big project. I might be thinking about something new, but I allow a little time for my brain cells to regenerate before hitting the keyboard again. :)

    Have a great Fourth of July, and down a beer for me.

  6. Thanks guys! Enjoy the fourth or just the day!

  7. Happy 4th! I think the proper term is "eating crab" (very jealous btw). Crabs is what you get, um, down south. ;)

    Just busting balls. Welcome back from your break!

  8. Hope you enjoyed the holiday. Fireworks are about to go off here. They shoot them off the butte ... visible from just about everywhere in town.

    I think we need writing breaks, too. Especially after big projects. I took one, too.



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